They Almost Got Away With It


The Main Ways To Track A Crime
After the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013, police were on the hunt for tracking down the culprits. There were a lot of fears and questions permeating the atmosphere after the tragedy occurred. Was this a terrorist attack? What organization was behind the event? Would the terrorists be caught? How will we uncover the intentions behind the crime? These were just a few of the overwhelming concerns that the Boston police force, United States government and individuals around the world had the day of the attack.

Finding A Criminal After A Crime Is Committed
However, to make a long story short, the terrorists were discovered and caught. This is a prime example of justice working in favor of the police. The hardest part was tracking down the criminals. In some sense, criminals that commit a crime usually leave behind clues. This is what makes detective work important and essential in order to solve a crime. The more clues that a detective can find, the greater the chances will be for catching the culprit. The main sources that are used in a crime are surveillance video cameras, phone calls and suspicious behavior leading up to the event.

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