Russian Prisons: What It’s Like To Be Locked Up


Being sent to jail or prison is scary enough, in places like the United States. But Russian prisons are a whole different level. The conditions are usually much worse, and the prisoners are treated with much less dignity.

For example, in a prison in Russia, the inmates are usually served one cooked meal a day. Typically it would be meat stew and a small piece of bread. They also do much more work, and have a living block and working block. Almost as though they have a normal job.

The rooms often have dim or no lighting, and sometimes no water or working plumbing. This can go on for months as the upkeep is not very good. One of the worst dangers in a Russian prison is the cold. Many times, the heaters are outdated or hardly function at all. Due to Russia’s cold climate, this can become very dangerous in the winter months.

One odd thing about Russian prisons, is the use “elite prisoners” to assist in guarding other prisoners. This was established in 2005 and continues to this day. Not only that, but women can have their infant children living in the prisons with them. Russian prisons are very unique and should be avoided at all costs.

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