Five Strange Robberies In South America


One of the most stunning robberies took place in Buenos Aires several years ago. After holding hostages for more than seven hours, with hundreds of police surrounding the bank, the robbers offered to negotiate for four hostages. They wanted pizzas and sodas in exchange for the hostages. However, the police felt it was very quiet inside the bank at which time they attacked the building.

Inside they found 19 hostages all safe. However, the robbers had escaped. They discovered a hole in the wall in the basement. It had been covered with an iron lid and bolted closed from the other side. When the police were able to get through the hole they discovered that it led to a secret tunnel. The tunnel led into a drainage system. This system emptied into the La Plata River. The robbers had made a daring getaway and they had made it successfully.

The robbers were never captured. It is estimated that they escaped with 25 million to 70 million. This places the robbery as one of the largest in history. Police, and other onlookers, believe the robbery went nearly perfectly as it had been planned. Some people living in Buenos Aires labeled the bandits as geniuses. They were good to their hostages, they did not fire any shots, no one was hurt, and they successfully escaped with the money.

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