How They Got Away With It


A couple names in history that come to mind when thinking about people who got away with crimes might be people like Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgeway otherwise known as The Green River Killer. Although Ted Bundy was eventually executed for the crimes he admitted to, authorities feel that there were more than likely other victims of Ted Bundy’s crimes. The same thing can be said for Gary Ridgeway who is currently serving a life sentence for the many innocent lives that he took.

Also, some people might include people like Scott Peterson, who thought he was going to get away with murdering his wife Lacie and her unborn son Conner. As most people who followed the Peterson Trial remember, Scott had a mistress by the name of Amber Frey. Amber since the verdict of the trial has moved on with her life and is now profiting from a book that she has had published about her life with Scott. In this case, after a lot of money was wasted on trials and things, Scott was also eventually found guilty of murdering both Lacie and her unborn son Conner. Most people would agree that the punishments for murder are not taken seriously enough.

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